What future for us, training organization?

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Since August 2018, we are an officially a training organization with the french labelling. Getting this first step was months of work with the collaboration of several actors of our network of professionals. However, we are also struck by the reform of vocational training which since our accreditation is constantly evolving to adapt to the realities of the labor market.

Approval was our goal in 2018, in addition to providing maximum support and being referenced by Datadock so that companies and individuals are the only judges of our skills and content. We had to be compliant. However, be aware that being compliant and therefore referenced within Datadock is only the first step.

For us, vocational training and social integration are real levers for combating poverty and unemployment. We have to offer qualifying or even certifying training courses that will enable those who are furthest away from the job to work.

This is in the case of the Skills Investment Plan and is also among our 2019 goals and projects as part of larger scale collaborations with regions, social agencies and government.

Indeed, skills (hard skills and soft skills) are for us the keys to emancipation through work, reintegration and inclusion in the professional setting.

As far as businesses are concerned, barriers to the entry of vocational training have increased sharply as several players are now entering the market and it is important to regulate the quality of the courses delivered, which can be a challenge for the most young organizations.

However, since the hours of the personal training account have been converted into euros, this usually gives employees more flexibility and choices:

Following the law for the freedom to choose one’s professional future, the hours acquired under the personal training account (CPF) of each employee are converted into euros from 1 January 2019, at the rate of 15 euros per hour. An integral part of the personal activity account (CPA), the CPF allows any employee in the private or public sectors to take qualifying training during his / her working life. “

In concrete terms, what does it mean ?

To this day, things remain relatively vague.

To make it easier for you, we advise you to ask your OPCA, the Employment Center or your human relations managers who are most qualified to answer you, or contact us so we can contact them .

Indeed, until clearer announcements from the government, as the reform is still in progress, the assessments remain case by case.

We will keep you informed of the progress, but know that in our case:

  • If you are an employee, it depends on the companies and the branches, you must get closer to your OPCA or put us in touch with it and your HR
  • If you are far from employment (RSA, unemployment), you can benefit from funding from the employment center or other similar third parties

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